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November 16, 2017, Thursday



It is impossible to log in facebook in China, however, no e-mail messages from facebook have been sent to me after I came back to Japan. From Japan, I can log in facebook.

I arrived at the room at International Reseaerchers Lodge, Wuhan University, Hubei, China. My friend at the University reserved for me.

Wuhan University Lodge

November 17, 2017, Friday

3-hour lecture for Graduate Students at the School of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Wuhan University. No one sleeps throughout the lecture.


School of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Wuhan University

November 18, 2017, Saturday


With kind guidance by a graduate student of my friend lab, I ate famous 'hot dry noodle' in the morning. The food in this city suit my taste.

Hot dry noodle


Dr. You Lab is at the south of campus. Dr. Deng joined us who is teaching at Wuhan Institute of Technology. Across Eight-One Street, we walked a few kilometers and arrived at a cluster of historical students dormitory. From the top of the dormitory going up relatively steep stone stairs, wide campus can be looked over. We visited Modern Art Museum of the campus.

Historical dormitoryHistorical DormitoryHistorical dormitory

November 19, 2017, Sunday

月曜の公開講座と火曜の大学院生向け講義(2回め)を準備していると、早朝に停電。一部、スターバックスに逃れてパワーポイント作りを行う。コルトレーンのMy Fovorite Thingsのライブ演奏が、妙にアバンギャルドに聴こえる。学生さんに聞くと、週末はインターネットが不安定なこともよくあるとのこと。どことなく、大正ロマンという感じのする交流宿舎である。

I was preparing for open lecture on Monday and second lecture for graduate students ,and encountered power outage early in the morning. For the power, I was also in Starbacks. There, My Favorite Things by Coltrane sounded quite avanguarde. They have sometime unstable internet connection on weekend. Anyway, the lodge was with historical (Taisho era of Japan) romance.

Wuhan LodgeWuhan LodgeWuhan Lodge Stairs

November 20, 2017, Monday


In the morning, Yuan san and I went to Second Restaurant in campus, and then You san, Lee sensei, and I went to Huazhong University of Science and Technology by BMW 3 series. I was planning to walk based on map but surprised by huge flow of cars. I had open lecture at Professor Zhang. In the afternoon, we moved to School of Environmental Science & Engineering, however, it took significant time even by car due to huge flow of students in campus. I talked with many students and had impressions of their eager reserch lives. If I did not see the white statue of Mao Zedong at central entrance of university and that of Laozi at the library, I would feel like uninteresting Amerian university.

HUST November 20 2017Mao ZedongLaozi

November 21, 2017, Tuesday

武漢大学資環学院にて、大学院生向け2度めの集中講義。院生の他、 武漢大学資環学院のチーフ的立場とおぼしき呉先生も参加してくれる。その後、キャンパス内のレストランで豪華な食事。武漢で一番印象が強かったのは、食事だった。午後は游さんの研究室の呉くんに黄鶴楼を案内してもらう。高台の楼閣は遠くからも見えるのだが、なかなか入り口にたどり着けなかった。合格祈願のキーホルダーをいくつか買う。いよいよ旅も終わり。連絡用に袁さんから借りたスマートフォンも返却。

At the School of Resource & Environment, Wuhan University, I had second secture for graduate students. Professor Wu, who looked like the chief of the department, also joined my lecture with You san, Professor Lee, and graduate students. We had delicous food at the restaurant in campus. Most impressive thing in Wuhan was food. In the afternoon, Wu kun in You san Laboratory introduced Huanghelou. the building on the hill can been seen from apart but we could not reach the entrance until long time walk. Some keyholders for the success at entrance exam were purchased. The journey is almost finishing. I returned the smartphone for connection from Yuan san.


November 22, 2017, Wednesday


Six days in Wuhan like dream were over and I return back to real life today. I wondered to be always on journey in whole (rest of) life like Japanese poet Basho Matsuo. Lectures asked to do should be what I realy wish to do while job to gain regular salary includes not negligible amount of tasks that I realy do not like. I found a flight to Shizuoka, but I took the one to Tokyo (Narita). All the leaves of cherries in Wuhan were already dropped in Wuhan, but a part of leaves of my white birch and cherries remained in Japan.

Wuhan airportWuhan to Narita