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"What I Want to Say" of Surface Chemistry Laboratory (Graduate School of Science Chiba University) since June 2000Sitemap


What I want to say

The origin of "Hodai (things can be done freely, what I want to say)" is said to be "Hodai (minor theme)" of Japanese traditional poetry with 31 sounds. The attitude to make a poetry that is not focusing on major theme but minor one led to the sense of "Free" writing and presenting.

Fri, 19-aug-22 18:46

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20〜25 Sat〜Thur ACS Fall 2022 @Chicago, Illinois (our lectures August 21, 2022, McCormick Center West)
17 Wed Intensive disinfection of omicron


12 Thur Stop the time. By developping the theory by Albert Einstein, I ultimately slow down the timestream.



16 Tue

When I purchase a medicine for Rhinitis (Publon capsule) including 60 mg of Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, the store woman said not to buy second box because I become addictive. I may looks like drug-addictive rather than pollen disease.


10 Wed

National Institute for Environmental Studies introduced a study in my lab in their website


7 Wed In a Recommendation Letter, I tried to write "He is a genius", however, I cannot remember the spelling of "genius". At least, I am not a genius, without any doubt.



14 Mon My winter bonus detail is quite serious if 721,871 yen is not added as diligence (Research) allowance.


29 Wed Five Requisites to Survive: (1) No Disease for Lung; (2) No Smoking; (3) Enough Saving; (4) No Visit to Hospital/Beauty Salon (Both Pronounced as "Byoin" in Japanese); and (5) Not Deceived by Politicians, Mass Communications, and Professors for Infectious Disease
9 Thur

Earthquake, Heavy rain, Flood, Tornado, Radioactive, Mental illness, Tilted trees, and Lung fever‥. Series of stupid excuses of lazy people! They eat with no study, work, labor, nor hesitation


Wed Ironically, thanks to the cancellation of unnecessary academic meetings, campus events, and lectures, my group's researches are in progress at a surprising rate. If COVID-19 continues forever, I will obtain Nobel prize


14 Sat As the rain turned into snow, I go for joggin'!



6 Fri Polarizability and Catalytic Activity Determine Good Titanium Oxide Crystals But Not Homogeneity in Solar Cells Using Photocatalysts on Both Electrodes, Kazuki Urushidate, Yasuo Izumi, et al., DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.9b05576


24 Thur To check my bank account, I logged in and was asked a secret word: "my first lover". I do not remember, but have not registered such secret word. I looked back, and realized that one digit of customer number was wrong.
22 Tue

I think that this is remastered disk on 2014, however, I wish to listen much more clearly the sound image of drum and base. The ideal is the jazz in US in 1960's that have been remastered as Blu-Spec2 CD.


14 Wed

The excuse by the famous singer is very similar to that by Neimar of Paris Saint Germain who was also under similar suspicion. I think that the best win-win situlation is this famous singer would be a friend of famous Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamazaki.


27 Sat

Tea for two ・・・Doris Day
Tea for one ・・・Led Zeppelin
Alcohol for two ・・・Michiyo Azusa (in Japanese)
Alcohol for one ・・・None (Hibari Misora, in Japanese)

There are no songs directly to mention“alcohol for one”. If I compose such song, can I win over Jimmy Paige? “Sad alcohol” sings “The alcohol to drink alone at a bar♪” and the context is different from “alcohol for one”.
6 Sat If wet, unexpectedly splendid pines at Nishi-Chiba, Japan


7〜8 Fri〜Sat Trip to Tsukuba for experiments: Beautiful fly of an egret@Ibaraki–Chiba, Japan


18 Sat A Day in May Carpenter Bee Left and Fruits Remain (Japanese Sudachi Lemon).LIttle fruits
15 Wed I was seriously typing "Debye temperature" and it appears "Debye song (Ondo in Japanese)". After all, my research is on such level. In the meantime, I was listening to Schostakovich No. 4 during typing.


23 Tue One Chinese Paper = 50 US Dollars
22 Mon Communication of A Sparrow with His/Her Friend
19 Fri Two Bees
16 Tue Growing Fast As in A Morning Sunrise (Plum)
16 Tue Which was more serious, Cathedrale Notre-Dame Paris 2019 or Fukushima Daiichi 2011?
13 Sat A Turtledove in West-Chiba
9 Tue

@J_A_C_S kindly tweeted, our recent research has been released on the top page of Journal of the American Chemical Society!


28 Thur

"Dual Photocatalytic Roles of Light: Charge Separation at the Band Gap and Heat via Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance to Convert CO2 into CO over Silver–Zirconium Oxide", Hongwei Zhang, Takaomi Itoi, Takehisa Konishi, and Yasuo Izumi, Journal of the American Chemical Society, accepted for publication.


5 Sat

For the extra bonus and the evaluation of my job

As the basis of the evaluation of research grant submission

For researchers

As official research paper sites

3 and 4 are updated for me since very before. 5 and 6 are interchangeable and recently, they are automatically updated when papers are published. Problem is 1 and 2. They can fetch data from the other database, but are incomplete. 1 was completed by sacrificing a couple of days last year or two years ago. I started to make 2 since yesterday, but it would not finish today,

The contents of all the databases are identical.




Honestly, terible paper has been reviewed again and the comment was sent to me. Then, a site

is introduced for all my collaborators and "all researchers" in the message sent to me at the same time as the automatic appreciation message. I personally felt the content of the paper was not ethical, but sincerely wrote my coments from the viewpoint of science assuming all the data are the truth (no lie). Just after that, this message is like "an evaluation "of my peer review on the paper. The Journal (or Academic Society) is looking down on me.

14 Fri I write all the papers when I was a student and when I reach students. I am obliged to do terrible tasks forever.


18 Sat On Saturday evening, I start to prepare the presentation on Monday. It is like a multiple debtor. The preparation of presentation is to convert the application form into PowerPoint file. It takes much time than expected. It is like the time to realize the steepness of mountain even after I began to crime the mountain.
1 Wed

Failure. The title and the figure are academically accurate, but too quiet. It would be better to show the flower in my garden (as shown below). I am afraid that it is too quiet and affects job hunting of graduate student. The site (1) counts the download of subscribers. For citation, this site and ResearchGate are often checked.Hibuscus


17 Tue "Solar Cell with Photocatalyst Layers on Both the Anode and Cathode Providing an Electromotive Force of Two Volts per Cell", ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, accepted for publication. DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.8b02166


24 Sat Thank-you party to professors yesterday, Group Meeting by cherry trees this morning, and in the afternoon, alumni party of Department of Chemistry at the University I studied. Relatively, person who is going good in life tends to attend such meeting. It is a meeting with various star members. My career is far from excellent one, however, is not the worst, rather it may be good. In the Department, I did not learn high-grade theory or experimental methods, but realized what is my weak points (and strong point) among talented students. It was the most valuable thing in my career.



14-18 Fri-Tue 2nd International Workshop Advances on Photocatalysis, Invited lecture@Iraklion, Crete, Greece


12 Mon

"Is water more reactive than H2 in photocatalytic CO2 conversion into fuels using semiconductor catalysts under high reaction pressures?", Hongwei Zhang, Shogo Kawamura, Masayuki Tamba, Takashi Kojima, Mao Yoshiba, and Yasuo Izumi, Journal of Catalysis, accepted for publication!



9 Thur

"Harnessing self-supported Au nanoparticles on layered double hydroxides comprising Zn and Al for enhanced phenol decomposition under solar light", Applied Catalysis B, accepted for publication.

1 Sun A review paper "Recent advances in the preferential thermal-/photo-oxidation of carbon monoxide: Noble versus inexpensive metals and their reaction mechanisms" has been submitted.



2 Wed

My review paper Recent advances in the photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to fuels with water and/or hydrogen using solar energy and beyond has ranked in the Highest Citation Papers of Coordination Chemistry Reviews (Impact factor 13.2).


31 Mon "Preferential Photooxidation of CO in Hydrogen across the Crystalline Face Boundary over Speroidal ZnO Promoted by Cu Ions", Yusuke Yoshida, Takaomi Itoi, and Yasuo Izumi, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, accepted for publication. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b07240.


2 Sun "Recent Advances (2012–2015) in the Photocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Fuels Using Solar Energy: Feasibilty for a New Energy" has been submitted.



22 Tue "Tailoring assemblies of plasmonic silver/gold and zinc-gallium layered double hydroxides for photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide using UV-visible light" has been accepted for publication.
2 Tue "Photofuel cell comprising titanium oxide and bismuth oxychloride (BiO(1−x)Cl(1−y)) photocatalysts for use of acidic water as a fuel" has been submitted.


13-18 Mon-Sat Trip for a meeting at Lyon


7 Mon I remember a Star Day. I went to Narita Airport to travel to south Portugal via London and Madrid. I was surprised that many airport stuffs were wearing Yukata (Cotton Kimono) and it was due to Star Day. Seven years have passed ...



27 Thur I received an e-mail message from California today. Probably because of the message, the sky is blue now such as in California.



18–20 Wed–Fri Pre-XAFS Interrnational Conference by Professor Takashi Fujikawa


27th Wed My review is 25th ranking, at the last list of best 25. We need to cite this review as soon as possible to write following original paper of photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into methanol.
22nd Fri Far beyond the the idea of Water Lily drawn by Claude Monet. Most of pond skaters are missing.Typhoon 5th
21st Thu Pond skater with the reflected image inspired by the idea of Water Lily drawn by Claude MonetPond skater



30th Wed The page of "Topics" has been revised for the first time in 2 years.



4th Mon A Happy New Year



3rd Fri Beethven is also nice with Michelangeli or Richter.


19th Mon Weekend works and night works. I am too much exhausted and Mendelssohn yesterday's night sounded like Shostakovich.



31st Fri Research seminar planned all day long at Shinjuku. Compared to the costs for moving, the lecture fee is negligibile.
6〜9th Mon - Thu Work trip to Huston was unfortunately cancelled due to the department meeting at new job...


9〜11th Mon - Wed Work trip to Portugal (Planned)


24th Thur I am going to move to new research environment. I am looking forward to working neighboring to highly active laboratories in the Department.
8th Tue At night, I am reading "A Prisonner's Note" written by Shohei Ooka.


30th Mon During continuous task at Tsukuba and at quiet campus during "Golden Week" holiday afer Tsukuba, I am intrigued with unknown small flowers and the green of native plants.



1st Fri Two pots of cactus in my room left without water during whole summer, or even between spring to now. They stand valiant without any sign of drying. When I served relatively more amount of water, the sound that the dry sands sorb water was confortable.


3 - 8th Fri - Wed Spring trip to SPring-8 for experiments
4th Sat I will appear for interview in variety television program "do-spe" (TV asahi network), 19:00 - 20:56.


9th Thur Organometallic cluster [Pd9(1,10-phenanthroline)(CH3CO2)3]60 has been synthesized finally. It was begun last month and interrupted by business trip and businesses. The aim that the crystal is used is a secret.


27th Fri Michinoku Live (Meeting at Sendai).
12th Thur Nagoya Live on this Monday. The powerpoint file is tuned to MacOS.
7 - 9th Sat - Mon Annual Meeting of Synchrotron Radiation of Japan (Nagoya University)



22〜23rd Thu - Fri Symposium of structure and reaction dynamics (Sanjyo Kaikan, University of Tokyo)
16〜21st Fri - Wed International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (Sheraton Waikiki)


14th Mon Invited lecture at SPring-8 Workshop "Catalysis and the application of synchrotron". Maru-building Conference Square near Tokyo Station.


27th Thur A Problem in Our Interdisciplinary Graduate School. A faculty and the laboratory members (students) have been in trouble. It must take huge time to make a report by the Investigation/Mediation Committee. Essential problem is not the act itself of the faculty. They never talk each other to solve the situation.
23 – 24th Sun – Mon Experimental Trip to Tsukuba
20th Thur It has been 22 years and half since I first watched the piece at theater. The excellent work "Suna no utuwa (Vessel made of sand)" has been remastered digitally and released. I reserve it at amazon.
17th Mon

Because the responses to my Diary are given in English, I will start again this page in English.


7th Thu

Cherry blossom. Elder son has promoted to join Sakura 2 Class.


16th Wed Similar to the new CD of Keith Jarrett (Japan Tour on 2002), results on 2001 Autumn (time of simultaneous terrorism in US), 2002 Spring, and 2003 Spring (time when US invaded Iraq) are thoroughly analyzed and a manuscript has been ready.
12th Sat After attending the secondary entrance exams of Tokyo Tech, my son and I went to the Concert of Yoshiko Kishino at Maihama (near Tokyo Disneyland). The tickets were won as prize. She is pretty and nice. Rather than Jazz, I thought that she created catchy and versatile phrases.
8th Tue One of the 2002 Keith Jarrett Solo Concerts in Tokyo (I attended two nights), the 150th Anniversary Live in Ueno (October 30th, 2002) will be released his new album "Radiance" on April 27th. Another disk of "Rediance" is solo in Osaka on October 27, 2002(Impression of the concert, Note of the concert


23rd Wed New Japanese poem created during to wait the train "In spring when many leave and many come in human society, the spring-heralding blows as in every year."
22nd Tue Former Major Leager Yoshii. His salary for 2005 is reported to 5 million yen. The amount is half of my salary if he will not get any extra amount for better results. I want to support Yoshii this year!
22nd Tue On rainy day, at Disk Union, it is better to choose cheaper Mahler. I repeatly listen and love the 5th by Kubelik and the 3rd by Kent Nagano.
16th Wed Due to the earthquake early this morning, the LP's of Beethoven and Ravel were dropped from the wall at home. With unknown reason, that of Gershwin was unchanged and displayed at the wall.
14th Mon The phrase "Pinch is the greatest chance" is too often used. I may have heard this phrase most recently in the interview of Horie-mon. Horie-mon seems to be inducing his pinch by himself although he is not asked to...
9th Wed One year has passed since FREE relaxing journey to Spain (sponsor: JTB) and I do not receive the billing form of international portable phone used in Spain. If I knew all calls are free, I would have used more (I called and sent messages nearly one hour). By writing this here, will the company be hurry to ask me the bill?
8th Tue Proof reading of short column in members' journal of an academic society. By the way, the meeting was cancelled because the teacher of kindergarten got flu yesterday and my son is absent from kindergarten due to flu today. Therefore, today it was so loose and I cleaned my office in the evening for the first time in two months.
7th Mon Every stuff on line is convenient however it has become difficult to read academic journals at cafe or home, taking a cup of coffee. At least it is required to be in front of monitor. The presence changes my feeling to have free idea reading the science. I believe that some journals may exist without any oneline info and contents, published only as books....


28th Fri Exams at Keio University, Faculty of Sci & Tech where I have a course of catalysis. When I see that fourty members of students were writing the answers, I was driven to have a feeling that I wish to be again a student of higher-brand university.
27th Thu In every kind of organizations, some jobs exit to take care of everyone. For example, common analysis center and the maintenance of electronic mail and webservers in the case of universities/institutes. In fact everyone wishes to do his/her own job to be paid special attention to. Yesterday, at the Faculty's Meeting, a topic of such kind of post was discussed. The job of the post was introduced as "Office Work (Business)" and it was corrected within one second. As the person usually considers in such sense, it leads to this improper remark. I remember that the president of Suntory mentioned in public to burn his van Gogh with his coffin and he was blamed eagerly.
24th Mon

Always it is depressing to use Microsoft Word. Even so, the formats are often in this format. Today I was using this with blue feeling, and it suddenly stopped to print out later than the page 2 of my document. I have been editing the document over ten hours. It's catastrophe! I cannnot print even PDF file. I struggled to recover the 10-h file and finally realized the reason; it was due to the Microsoft bug that the Word printer driver crashes to print the font "l" in ITC Officina Serif BookItalic. Do not include fonts that crash in some computer environment. No more jokes, Microsoft! While I despise iPods•••

23rd Sun Skating at Kodomo-no-kuni since the first year of University student (Yoyogi rink was near the campus). I have 'physically' realized the principle to move forward on ice. Although I never practiced skating before, I had a strange feeling to recover to skate again, as if a rehabilitation from fracture.
8th - 9th Sat - Sun Business trip to country side for the Meeting of Synchrotron Society of Japan, held at Tosu-City.



30th Thur Typically in this inconsistent year, the pages (both Japanese and English version) of Research Introduction (Abstract) could not be updated since summer. Many conditions are becoming to be ready to make 2005 big discovery year for me.
5th Sun Out of town (Tsukuba for experiment)
2nd Thur 2005 Bimonthly Calendar with Photographs has received from Kozdu Co. Small on-table calendar is also attached. I feel a little feeling of celebrity. Ones from Oyokoken Co will be also joyful. A calendar of Swing Journal for office was already ordered.
1st Wed

Recently, I suffer from series of fake e-mail messages. Messages from my own e-mail address come to me with content like "Can you fuck with old women?". What I can do to prevent these is to complain to the providers (OCN and so-net) whose servers were used to send these fake messages.
I have realized one interesting story imitating virus-related mails. For example, venereal disease and AIDS are infected via sex. Hence," intimate relationship" between people can be measured also based on computer viruses! A few months ago, an e-mail message iminating to be sent from famous professor at University X was received . The content was none and only a virus was attached. The famous person should not be even aware that these fake messages are sent. Do you think that this is also due to "intimate relationship"?


27th Sat New year cards (letters) are strange. Those whom I have no intention to send letter send me a nice decline letter to receive new year card (due to the death of relatives) so early on November. In contrast, unexpected person cannot be accessible suddenly and my letter will be returned back. These may be the reality.
26th Fri Downtown and One-night are often using identical topics in different TV programmes and magazines are often collecting same features (for examples, many "Blue Note special" were found recently). They are competing with guys who write papers based on identical (junk) data.
25th Thur

Water is supplied to two pots of cactus for the first time in some months. Thet are really and reticent, persevering, and lovely.

20th Sat

91 persons registered to the symposium I plan, held on November 22rd (Monday). Laserpointer and long cable for monitor (projector) were not found in the facility and have purchased at Tokyo Hands and Yodobashi Camera in Machida.

18th Thur After a battle for nearly two days against virus in digestive organs (job at home via internet during the fight), I come cheerfully back to the job!
15th Mon

Though it was upgraded to version 3.0.1 this spring by paying 1600 yen, Norton virus software has begun to ask me to pay 2100 yen as annual (?) fee to download their virus definition files. Among the package of software, what and what are "upgraded" with the 1600 yen? As the next-coming upgrade was heard to be aborted at the software company, I switch to freeware "clamXav".

14th Sun The photoshop women are very skilled to make children happy and accordingly got nice shots. Purchasing all these shots and thick cover flame cost *0,000 yen (some hundreds dollars). Japanese 7-5-3 costs much.
12th Fri

"Characterization of Intercalated Iron(III) Nanoparticles and Oxidative Adsorption of Arsenite on Them Monitored by X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Combined with Fluorescence Spectrometry" is in press in The Journal of Physical Chemistry. I will again produce much papers and escape from the status of Michel Jackson...

12th Fri

7th lecture at Keio University in this semester. When I was back from the lecture, brass band was playing cheering song. However, probably due to rain, no cheer leaders were found there.

4th Thur Powerbook G4 at Office came back from Apple. Display and external battery were replaced. Now this computer works fine.

Jul 2003 - Oct 2004: Japanese page only.


June 22 - 28 In Sweden (Malmo, near Copenhagen)

April 5 - 9 Experiment at SPring-8. On the way, the frontier cherry blossom should be felt directly.

April 3 New semester. Only the requests of non-scientific jobs come as arrows.

Mar 30 Yomiuri Land using Invitation tickets.

Mar 29 The line between Sutengumae and Oshiage was completed. New diagram attracts my interests in various aspects. I am living in Machida and moved from Sumida. Today I saw a special train (direct) starting from Chuorinkan to Kinugawa Onsen. How long does it take to the terminal?

Mar 28 "Gokusen Special" was boring.

Mar 26 Writing a full paper corresponding to the content at the presentation at CSJ meeting. Sections until the Experimental section have been almost written.

Mar 22 "Paris, Texas" was watched checked from BS channel.


Oct 8 A chance was not fruitful and one realizes that his back is very near to the steep cliff. The way to escape is closed...

Oct 4 Second lecture at Keio Univ. The ratio of students who were sleeping was very low (no one!). The sleeping ratio increases in the series Keio < Tokyo Inst. of Tech ~ Yokohama National Univ.

Oct 3 This week I am most busy comparable to the periods before the entrance exam of University (1983) and before the visiting research in US (1996). I hope that this compressed jobs will be fruitful similarly to the cases of these two periods.

Oct 1 Black dust sticks on important documents due to strong wind of typhoon going in my office. The inlet of fan has been sealed.

Sept 27 Lecture at Keio University. I felt jealous of contemporary facilities in Hiyoshi and Yagami campus.

Sept 27 A communication submitted to Chemistry Letters (Chemical Society of Japan) has been accepted for publication.

Sept 19 Jogging early in the evening, along the Bentenjima. It was more hot in Hamamatsu than in Tokyo.

Sept 13 Back in Japan. The mileage of air france has become 32,128 miles.

Sept 11 Jogging early in the evening, in the suburb of Brussel. It was cold with a T-shirt with no sleeves and short pants.

Sept 7 A communication submitted to Chemical Communications (UK) has been accepted for publication.

Aug 6 The internet connection change at the office where I work. It was nice to become 100 base connection, but it took time to change the mail server setting. I was impressed by a phrase by an internet specialist who helped the setting change. "To help the setting of computer in campus cannot be written in CV. At least, the construction of new computer system in campus should be tried for CV."

Aug 1 LaVie Note PC (Windows 98) which has been used for 3 years and 4 months is in dock via the ratailer. I hope that it can be repaired.

Jul 28 Again to swimming in the sea. Good beaches are only in Izu in Kanto area.

Jul 26 The droning of cicada seems to remind human memories. Slow droning can be heard from small mountain back to my office in evening, similar sound to that I heard at Sanzenin nine years ago. Vibrating rhythm with the small mountain can be heard in fine daytime, similar to that in my hometown during long summer vacation.

Jul 23 Last week, lots of "Re: password" mails were quite amusing! Some mails are from persons I do not know (may be in research societies mumbers) and from persons I have not seen for a long time. It is something like new year cards! this kind of non-hazadous mails may be good if it is not so often. Persons who were so serious and upset to this funny virus were also very amusing.

Jul 8 Summer cloud has become widely seen with strong contrast, drawing free curves. Recent strong sunlight reminds me that at Stanford. The blue sky at Stanford in the daytime was similar to that at Granada, two years ago. But at any places, the sunset is full of silence to end up the creation of a day.

Jul 1 My Apple PowerBook G4 is back from fourth dock! Now everything is perfect!! (last Nov, tiny dust in monitor; this March, video RAM was broken; May, the battery was consumed during the system down; this time, system crushes when sleep menu is chosen).

Jun 24 Album "Michel Regrand by Michel Regrand" arrived. The first tune "les parapluies de Cherbourg" starts with low sound level of title theme, gradually escalates, and improvises free rhythm. It was exciting because the sweet melody was restricted by Jazzy rhythm .

Jun 18 The piano solo I heard in a shop on Sunday has been found to be "les parapluies de Cherbourg" by Michel Legrand himself.

Jun 17 Second collaboration paper with Dr. Seida has been released on the web, Analytical Chemistry.

June12 I tried to type "TOKYO KOUGYO DAIGAKU" on word processor and failed to type thrid "O". I turned out "東京苦行大学". I feel like that even computer sees inside of myself.

June 6 Our research is introduced on the Top page of Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Recent Researches.

May 27 Recently I seem to look like hippy and on the street strange girls (they should not be professional) talk to me.

May 22 The insurance saleswoman came again who taught me how to read "鏑木".

May 21 New Maxi CD of ZARD arrives. The tune is typically for summer similar to "Ikimo dekinai (I cannot breathe)", "Yureru omoi (Changing feeling)", or "My friend". It is strange that this tune does not start with the theme chorus, as always. The theme chorus reminds me the flashback of my young days.

May 21 New fluorescence spectrometer arrives.

May 18 A lecture at Yamada Foundation Conference (Osaka). It was only one day, but the meeting was fairly encouraging! I only knew the scientific works of the selection member and the chariman, Dr. Gin-ya Adachi. Judging from his appearance, I asked to him at the party " Are you in fifties?" and he smiled and tapped my shoulder. Pertinent, valuable comments were given from him and also Dr. Ikeda and Dr. Iwata and other great doctors as if I am back to the origin of science.

May 9 My lecture at the workshop of SPring-8

April 30 Second-hand best album by Mayo Okamoto, which I bought at Tsukuba during data scan. Listening to "Omoide ni Dekinakute (I cannot make it a memory)", I inevitably remember the late summer and autumn 1998. Mayo looked over the sky of May and remembered her former lover. Where I should find the memory in the grand sky?

April 23 Positive electron roars accelerated in accumulation ring. As if the hawks that have found the chase, an arrow of X-ray beam is released to chemical samples. Miserable samples, they become nude totally and their privacy of chemical bonding is exposed. In the small world of X-ray wavelength, drama of tiny people...

April 22 Another life with car. I listen the radio which is hardly heard in normal life. The introduction of letter of housewife was very impressive which says that the chinese character of "Hard" can be improved to the character of "Happy" by working with family and colleagues. This kind of letter should be written by a person who is very general but working sincerely everyday.

April 18 Harsh reality faces me. However, as if new green trees of bright spring wave with wind, strong, bright X-ray beam gently but strongly go through my samples... Solitude and freedom.

April 14 Before, I heard a story that in the case of automatic gear car left hand will be free and may touch the person on left seat. Today I was driving with my son in one-box van car. My son fell asleep and my left hand became a pillow for him.

April 8 The supporting table of top lamp of Kannonzaki Lighthouse was equipped with XY translational gear. It is to maintain the lamp position in the case of earthquake. Major interests of my son were directed to yacht and small airplanes.

April 3 Calendar of this month is Bill Evans. He looks tired in front of piano with his head is just above the piano and plays some code by his left hand. In contrast to his elegant code and gentle and beautiful melody, he was tired and drunken at his last years. Are the gentle and beautiful works the reflection of his serious suffering? I was very impressed by the solo concerts of Keith Jarrett, 1999, but his health condition was said to be worst.

April 2 The place of lunch was changed to on the grass in campus since last autumn. I found one tiny yellow dandelion in the grass.

Mar 30 To change the feeling, my son and I went to Hakone this morning. I was interested in remaining cherry blossom, whereas my son's interests were towards buses and trains. On the way back home, speed meter at highway looked flashed weakly. However, as my car slowed down before and the flash intensity was enough weak, it should be the reflection of sunlight.

Mar 28 5000 yen for my account in the Users Journal of High Energy Accelerator Research Organization "PF News" arrived.

Mar 20 Back from jogging, I feel permanence to watch the evening huge sky across the building of institute. It is clear that the permanence is in fact the mutability due to the fact that the evening sky becomes entire dark except moon and stars. Under this sky, tiny myself worry, smile, and do petit job. I watched over the sky at Stanford five years ago and thought about which research I continue. Recent sky I watch seems to be more huge than that time.

Mar 18 Last Friday, I drank all over the night since nine years before. While I was listening to the hope and anxiety of the new life for students who are graduating, I thought about the direction of rest of my research life.

Mar 7 A paper of structural study for ruthenium catalysts by Dr. Ishiguro and Dr. Wakatsuki at RIKEN has been almost accepted to a chemistry journal. Our group jointly worked as guests.

Mar 2 The roads from home to school and from school to the station remain the same. I noticed that the clock along the road was stopping at two minutes past five. I thought that the barber that I frequently went when I was a high school student should be around there and entered a barber.

Feb 26 When the entrance exam was over and I was walking in the mass of students back to the campus gate, I remembered myself of nineteen years ago. On the day, the falling sun was very beautiful to the direction of the campus gate, and I felt a desire to cry to the sky what I felt at the moment. The memory is still vivid as if it was yesterday.

Feb 18 Tokimeki Memorial Sound Blend ~featuring ZARD~ arrived. Her high key is more feminine and soft than in the Album "Eien". The song "hero" consoled my severe feeling during synchrotron measurements. Even instrumental ending theme is ZARD-like tune.

Feb 5 I saw a Tanka poetry by Hirohito in newspaper. The poetry dealing with pine tree in snow was written in Nezu shrine, back to my room when I was 23 years old. The memory was connected to the article in newspaper, and I am back to the time. I have not changed but people have changed.

Feb 1 At Ajiyashiki Bar last night with two former lab members. I felt that the associated memories are not necessarily enclosed after the research results are published.

Jan 28 A report of research supported by Yamada Science Foundation is sent.

Jan 28 Tsukuba and Yokohama are fine, the sky is entirely blue. Across Kanto Plane and Shuto Highway to Yokohama of 116 km, listening to the voice of Sakai Izumi, I am back to usual.

Jan 26 I have realized that former head of our Institute, Dr. Naito, will be the head of Ohita Univ tomorrow, based on Yomiuri Newspaper. He remembered me at the party, and smiles very gently. He may be drinking at Beppu.

Jan 26 I visit Tokyo Modern Museum for the first time. The video arts by Mariko Mori was amusing and attracting.

Jan 24 Collaboration with Dr. Seida is now released on web!

Jan 13 A Presentation at the Meeting of Synchrotron Radiation of Japan. I heard that the place will be one of the campuses of the University of Tokyo. I felt to be at SPring-8 at the wide place.


Dec 14 Three VTRs of ZARD CRUISING & LIVE CD, "showreel", and "Memorial Video" have been obtained. She wrote somewhere that "The humanity should be completed as person grows, but the sensitivity should be inverse. The curiosity and interest of innocent child are important. Pure sensitivity sometimes nearly is selfish. Such sensitivity may create masterpieces with enormous energy, but usual, daily communication becomes unimportant. Inspiration is lost by exposing herself. Well-balanced person can do without these conflicts, but awkward she is said to be a strange person." I totally agree.

Nov 15 Invitation tickets to Sonny Rollins Concert on Nov 16 have arrived.

Nov 10 - 15 Experiment trip to SPring-8, 633 km from Lab

Oct 16 I enjoyed the lecture in the First Meeting of SPring-8 Catalyst Evaluation Symposium at Senri Life Science Center. People are very warm in Kansai.

Sept 20  I received a prize document with wood case at 80th Autumn Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan, at Chiba University.

Aug 27 The 41th Report of Toray Science Foundation

Aug15 I have finished all the five essay series of Torahiko Terada. The start was in the middle of December 2000 at Honolulu. The acute sense of observation and science is still new, even more than 60 years have passed since he wrote them. I wondered what he writes if he sees the world war II and present science.

Jul 25 Power down due to thunder. The light flashed in the sky and the explosive sound vibrated the mountains of Tama area. By reviewing a paper without light, I remembered summer vacation when I was little.

Jun 19 Ohta Tetsuya "Crush". The author came back to the crush in car race when he was Ferrari driver at Fuji. He says "the importance to do his best in the environment given for him". I agree and feel a sympathy.

Apr 30 An interview to me appeared in "Talk at distant place" of Tokushima newspaper.

Apr 26 Grant-in-Aid from Monbukagakusho "Design of new fluorescence spectrometer" to extend the application fields of my site-selective XAFS and other one of "Site-selective XAFS for Cr, Co, and Cu catalysts"

Apr 23 I went to A concert of Keith Jarrett Trio at Shibuya. The concert started with free jazz, and included "Round Midnight". When I went back from the concert, I remembered when I started University life near Shibuya.

Mar19 Tejima Foundation party. The conversation with President Kakinuma at Daido Kasei Corporation was quite impressive.


Jul 13 I won a young scientist prize at 12th International Conference of Catalysis, and was given a certificate at Restaurant Capriccio from Prof. Knoezinger.

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