Monitoring of Photochemical Self-assembly of [Mo7O24]6- to {Mo142}-blue Nano-ring by Using Mo K-edge XAFS


Yu Mitani, Kazuki Oka, Yoshiyuki Shibata, Kazushi Konishi, Diaa Obaid, Eri Ishikawa, Yasuo Izumi, Toshihiro Yamase, Chemistry Letters, 39(2), 132 - 133 (2010)[The PDF file][Supplementary Materials]


The UV-induced self-assembly of [Mo7O24]6- to 28-electron reduced {Mo142} at pH 3.4 was monitored by Mo K-edge XAFS spectra of photolytes. The EXAFS curve fit analysis indicates that the accumulation of [MoO4]2- in an equilibrium with {Mo8} was accompanied by the formation of two-electron reduced {Mo14}, and the subsequent construction of the {Mo20} and {Mo21} building blocks provided {Mo142} through their reductive condensation.

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