Photo-oxidation of Ethanol on Mesoporous Vanadium-Titanium Oxide Catalysts and the Relation to Vanadium(IV) and (V) Sites

Dilshad Masih, Hideaki Yoshitake, Yasuo Izumi, Applied Catalysis A , 325(2), 276 - 282 (2007). [The PDF file] [DOI Site]


Ethanol photo-oxidation was investigated over mesoporous, amorphous V+TiO2 and V+TiO2(anatase) catalysts. Under the UV + visible light, mesoporous V+TiO2 generally exhibited faster photo-oxidation rates than V+TiO2(anatase) catalysts did. VIV doping directed preferable formation of acetic acid rather than predominant acetaldehyde formation. Under the visible light only, mesoporous VIV-TiO2 catalyst exhibited best reactivity among all V+TiO2 catalysts. Ethanol dehydration reaction was preferred. Initial quicker water evolution may suggest greater oxidation capability compared to V+TiO2(anatase) catalysts.

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