Adsorbed Hydrogen Effect on the Adsorption and Reactivity of N2 Molecules on Ru/MgO and Ru-Cs(+)/MgO: Hydrogen Dipole Effect Enhanced by Doped Cs(+)

Y. Izumi, M. Hoshikawa, and K. Aika,
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn., 3191 - 3200, 67 (1994).

The H2 was dissociatively adsorbed as on-top, bridging, and threefold on Ru/MgO and Ru-Cs(+)/MgO (FTIR: Fourier transformed Infrared). The adsorption and displacement reaction of N2 were suggested to be inhibited by direct repulsion with H(a) on Ru/MgO, and direct and indirect (through H(a)) effects by doped Cs(+) on Ru-Cs(+)/MgO.

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