Cisco security professionals have to manage all security equipment, such as the Cisco ASA, IDS/IPS devices of Cisco. They have to promptly act when alerts arrive by examining potential security and data issues.

Specialists must review switches, routers, and firewall configurations. They need to work with the different teams, such as telephony team, systems administrators, and application owners of business units, to come up with IT solutions to tackle threats to their business.

Specialists must communicate, implement, and apply technology-related policies to secure organizational data. It is their responsibility to develop, schedule, and initiate technology-related projects that directly impact their organizations bottom lines.

Specialists will often prioritize, scrutinize, and sort out major technology matters for the management. They frequently suggest and guide their management, employees, and clients on technology matters.

Specialists will also have to maintain encryption devices, firewalls, monitoring devices, and intrusion prevention systems. They will have to work collaboratively with the IT team to test and implement disaster recovery plans.

Engineers must have a comprehensive understanding of LAN/WAN internetworking, including protocol network architecture, development interoperability, and needs for proof of concept.

Besides, specialists need to oversee the installation, execution, configuration, and maintenance of network components. They have to establish security processes to sort out data loss weaknesses, keep risks under check, and suggest system components or security changes when necessary.

Specialists maintain the telecommunications data and voice networks, to meet customer requirements, organizations objectives, and technological resources. They provide support for the strategic planning of telecommunications support.

Specialists manage and maintain the security operations process, such as Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, etc.

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